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The series of conferences entitled “European Farmers’ Deal: EPP Vision for Agriculture in Europe” consist of targeted events in the Member States in order to further develop the dialogue with farmers and agricultural policy-makers across EU.

The events include the participation of Members of the EPP Group in the European Parliament and are open to the following target audience and interlocutors:

  • Farmers, representatives from sectorial agricultural organisations, decision and opinion makers, and policy experts from the agricultural field
  • EPP AGRI Ministers
  • EPP national party leaders and EPP Heads of government
  • EPP Members of the Committee of the Regions
  • EPP Members of national / regional parliaments and local representatives
  • EPP national parties interlocutors
  • Businesses, SMEs, other stakeholders


  • To develop a positive EPP agenda for farmers and rural areas in Europe for the upcoming years and to reaffirm the EPP Group in the EP as the main point of reference for European farmers
  • To increase dialogue with our farmers
  • To defend rural areas with the aim of ensuring equal footing between the living standards in rural and urban areas in Europe and to improve infrastructure and digitise the rural areas
  • To increase innovation in the area of agriculture
  • To further raise the attractiveness of the rural areas, including by increasing the number of women in agriculture
  • To support young farmers including through increased funding
  • To identify challenges in the implementation of the CAP 2023-2027
  • To support our EPP national, regional and local representatives

EPP AGRI Vision Events

Izegem, Belgium

22 February 2024

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

15 March 2024

Rome, Italy

15 April 2024

Carlow, Ireland

19 April 2024

Our vision for Agriculture

Final Program

EPP Group Position Paper on Agriculture

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